Freelancers in United Kingdom


Freelancers in United Kingdom

Freelancer are Growing

According to IPSE, United Kingdom has 2 million freelancers. There are 1.77 million work in the main job and a further 234,000 who work in a second job. Freelancer’s contribute to the UK economy at a staggering £119 billion. It is one of the fastest growing workforce since 2008.


The largest presence across all occupations are the artistic, literacy and the media occupations which number to 311,000 freelancers. The second are in the managers & proprietors and other areas. Genders are split between 41% Female and 59% Male. The majority of freelancers are based in South East England 22% and Greater London which has 21% of freelancers.


New Job Workforce


Freelancer are a special self-employed workforce. They make an great contribution to businesses across the United Kingdom and the economy as a whole. They can be onboarded very quickly and on short notice. Businesses usually hired freelancers which help keep cost low and because of workforce flexibility, no pension or benefits are required by the employer. If project is completed, the freelancer can then either work on another project with the same client or move to another client.


Becoming of Freelancer


The majority of Freelancer enjoys what they do. They’re independent and enjoys the flexibility of working for various clients in different projects. Freelancer enjoys a far greater income than those who are permanent staff. As a freelancer, they can take holidays on a very short notice instead of written request to the manager. The only difficult part as a freelancer is job security. At the end of your contract, you will need to find another client.


Finding freelance jobs


There are various freelance websites. You can find job sites, such as which focuses on permanent and contract jobs. There are other sites, such as, LinkedIn or other major job career sites. For short term projects or small gig, it can be,, and started in 2017. It is one of the fastest growing freelance online platform. Job can be either remote or local which makes the site unique. Students uses the site more often. Jobs can be from distributing marketing leaflets to event organizer. It benefits students since they can find jobs that works around their busy study schedules.


QwkHire is a site where everything is under one roof or one platform. Job varies from hiring caterers to web development. It also risk free. Payment are submitted before the freelancer starts work Once the job is completed and the client is satisfied, payment is then released to the freelancer. Feedback is then provided.


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QwkHire is a marketplace where clients and contractors can work togheter on various projects regardless of location.