About Us

About QwkHire


QwkHire is the ideal place to get the services you need quickly and safely; this company is part of the Synapse Technology Limited Group, which specializes in information technology consulting activities, so our website is a very well designed place, designed to offer a pleasant, simple and effective experience, so that the entrepreneurs, talented and providers of multiple and varied services can contact, and expose and guarantee their work for the execution of construction projects, repair, home improvement and many more.


We can say that we are a company for project management, allowing each user, client or person to be independent of publishing what type of service offers, how much will be charged for it and in what time it will be realized. Both parties, both the contractor and the contractor, are responsible for complying with the terms agreed upon through our site.

Basic terms


In QwkHire, two terms will be used to refer to project planners within the site and those who choose to offer services for those projects. They are 'buyers' and 'sellers'.

Buyers are those who wish to contract a service within QwkHire and the sellers are the people who are offering these services.


Information you should know about QwkHire

ü  You can not offer services related to work areas that QwkHire has already stipulated: home improvement, construction, repairs and residential services.

ü  You must comply with established laws within the site to preserve good performance, so avoid circumventing your account policies on QwkHire.

ü  Do not hire services if it is not more than 18 or if there is anything else that legally prevents this type of actions or make the corresponding payments.

ü  Do not post offers or projects with false, inaccurate or misleading information.

ü  Do not use the platform for profit outside QwkHire. For example, promoting pyramidal chains, mass communications, sending emails, etc.

Publishing of own contents

You may post content such as images, links to other platforms or social networks, comments and reviews of your contractors or contractors and information on QwkHire that is your absolute property, not third parties, as the policies of our site states that all content there share users can be used by us for different purposes, within which could be the different marketing strategies that

QwkHire implements.

Payments and troubleshooting on QwkHire


If any of the parties involved in the project submit complaints or inconveniences about the services contracted or offered, then you should seek a way to make a complaint in our support center and QwkHire is not responsible for this situation and is exempt from any demand for breach of contract of the parties, but does agree to mediate in order to solve the problem.


It is not allowed to revoke payments made if the buyer is not satisfied by the service received; it must inform QwkHire to initiate a claim process. Suspension of payments, revocation of these or non-compliance is considered a violation of the policies established by our site.


You can review the policies of the site to deepen our system of use and clarify any doubts you have about the operation of QwkHire, the responsibilities of buyers and sellers and how to start a mediation process to solve problems correctly.